5 Reasons Why They Choose Destination Wedding in Bangkok

Best Venues in Bangkok for Indian Destination Wedding

Brides Share 5 Reasons Why They Chose A Destination Wedding in Bangkok

Planning for the wedding is no child’s play and one of the difficult decisions to take after choosing your companion is selecting a foreign location for your Thai wedding. With so many options to choose from, the task only gets tedious and even more difficult. But if you are thinking of having a tropical wedding in a location that is pristine, serene and nothing less than a paradise then consider taking your folks to Bangkok and having the most of your special day.

Take your advice straight from brides who reveal plenty of reasons why they chose this paradise as their wedding venue. They also detail why choosing us as your wedding organizer Thailand will be the best decision you will ever make!

1. Bangkok is a Desirable Foreign Location without Spending Excessively

The first thing that comes in mind when we think of planning a wedding in a foreign land is the added expenses. But if you choose Thailand, you will be able to marry abroad with hardly any added expenses. The visa in Thailand is on arrival which means you don’t have to think of hustling to get everyone’s visa by paying a great deal. Additionally, 1 Thai Baht equals 2.22 Indian Rupees which means you spend almost the same while enjoying in a far off land!

2. Amazing Backdrops of Scenic Beauty

When it comes to picturesque backdrops, brides preferred Thailand’s beauty as it is unmatched. You can set up the traditional Mandap overlooking the crystal clear private beaches or let us book a five star poolside venue for your prenuptial ceremonies. The photo album and memoirs will look out of a Bollywood movie with such backgrounds.

3. Exotic Thai Elegance in Wedding Décor

If you are tired of those mainstream wedding décor and want similar looking wedding photographs then add on some traditional Thai décor element in the venue. We help you plan it all and amp up the mood in a jiffy.What’s more satisfying than having a traditional Indian wedding in a Thai setup? Seems like a fantasy? You can even make Thailand honeymoon a reality with a little help from wedding planners.

4. Taste Desi Swaad or the Flavour of Thailand

Options in food and beverages are the things that guests remember most throughout their lifetime. Give them something good to talk about. How about a fusion buffet of food and drinks that are inspired by Indian cuisine but has a typical Thai twist to it? Thailand is all about gorging on food and enjoying the greens. Let our talented wedding planners help you. Some brides chose to add some authentic Thai dishes in order to give the guests an authentic experience of Thailand. You can always incorporate the local and street food delicacies to the buffet counter. They will look fancy too without hurting much on your pocket since they can be readily sourced from the popular street food vendor.

5. Electrifying Thai Entertainment Options

You can never be bored in Thailand. Since your wedding will be an occasion to getaway at a foreign land for your guest, you can give them the time of their life by getting traditional masseuses on board, or calling in Thai dancers, jugglers and entertainers to the pre-wedding ceremonies to keep your guests on their toes. The one of a kind entertainment options at reasonable Thailand wedding packages prices will keep your guest happy and you cheerful! Let us aid you in exploring the possibility of the serene sands of Thailand or Bangkok as a destination to tie the knot!

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