Grand Destination Wedding In Thailand In The Budget of Goa Wedding

Grand Destination Wedding In Thailand

How to Plan a Grand Destination Wedding In Thailand In The Budget of Goa Wedding

The idea of a foreign destination wedding is becoming more and more popular these days as many couples wish to tie the knot at a beach instead of a banquet hall. It is a myth that weddings in Thailand are very expensive and one might have to spend crores to organize one.

An Thai wedding would cost you just as much as a wedding in Goa. Rather, Thailand would give you that extra international look. Our Thailand resort wedding packages ensure it is possible to organize a wedding in Thailand with a budget of a Goa wedding and here’s how!

1.Book In Advance & Travel Expenses will be the Same

An average cost of a flight from any city in India to Goa range from INR 12000-18000, while the cost of a to and fro flight from India to Thailand ranges from INR 14,000-22,000. The travelling cost would come out to be the same if you compare the two. However, fret not, if you choose Thailand as your destination for the wedding, you would probably select an elite guest list with limited guests. Taking between 200-300 guests along would also save you money.

2.Wedding Season Does Not Raise Prices in Thailand!

In India, hotels, resorts, banquets, etc. might cost you more during the wedding season. This is due to increase in bookings during the wedding season which is unavoidable, but that is not the case in Thailand. Hiring a resort in India for your destination wedding would cost you a minimum of INR 3,00,000 just for the venue while a beautiful venue indoors or outdoors in Thailand would cost you a minimum of INR 250,000! Our Thailand wedding packages prices ensure that it is affordable and there is never any unavailability. No matter which date you choose, we make it happen!

3.We Provide All Wedding Necessities within Budget in Thailand

No wedding is complete without music, dancers, decoration, and not to forget photographers and cinematographers who would capture the perfect moments. You can avoid the hassle of hiring local professionals in Thailand, as we have our network of connections. We could save you a fortune as you would not have to pay for their additional expenses as we manage it all in the allocated budget including travelling and stay expense!

3.We Arrange Authentic Rajasthani or Desi Food Abroad

Food is one of the most central parts of a wedding. Obviously, guests might look for that extra Indian touch if you talk about food. We offer an Indian spread that can be made easily available in Thailand for the same price that they are available in India at any other resort of Goa. Our packages vary according to your budget, requirements and the hotel or resort you like, but there is not much variance.

5.Hire Us As Wedding Planners To Plan your Ceremonies Within Budget!

The total expenditure for your wedding in Thailand can be calculated keeping in mind two factors; one, the number of guests you invite and two, how grand you want it to be which again depends on your budget. The average cost of a destination wedding in Thailand would cost you around INR 50 Lakhs, which is similar to the cost of a wedding in Goa. The whole cost for a destination wedding depends on your budget and the number of elements you add. If you hire us as your Thailand wedding planner, we can offer end to end services that make your wedding perfect. If you have the budget for a destination wedding in Goa, you can definitely choose exotic Thailand as your wedding destination as it would cost you the same!

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