Tips to Plan A Successful Destination Wedding at Thailand

Fabulous Thailand destination wedding

7 Secret Tips to Plan A Successful Destination Wedding at Thailand

Thailand, the heart of Southeast Asia, is one of the most beautiful yet affordable places in the world to plan your destination wedding in.

It's a win-win in both the aspects as it is beautiful yet affordable and it is also an immediate neighbor of the Indian subcontinent. Here are some tips for you if you wish for a fabulous Thailand destination wedding.

Bring in Some Thai Elements for Added Grandeur

Thai weddings are also famous for elephants. Imagine adding that element in your wedding and creating a fusion of both cultures. Talk to us and we can make your dreamy wedding come true!

Let us Plan your Travel, Flights & Visa

A well-planned travel can save you a fortune. Thailand provides visa on arrival which will make things much easier for you. Also, there are many airlines such as Air India or Air Asia that have frequent flights from various cities of India be it Jaipur or Udaipur to Thailand and can also get you a great deal if you plan in advance.

Wedding Finery and Make-up – Follow Your Tradition

You would be most confident and comfortable if you wear authentic desi wedding wear. Obviously, your comfort zone would be on top of the priority list. Therefore, decide your costume and accessories well in advance to avoid the last moment panic. Neatly pack your costume, accessories, shoes, etc. so that they are not meddled in with during the flight and reach the destination safely. Our planners can even find you Indian boutiques in Thailand for emergencies so you’re covered and sorted! So, let us our team of expert wedding planners in Thailand plan your Destination Desi Shaadi well in advance and things would run smoothly on your big day!

Plan Ahead To Enjoy Desi Religious Rituals in Thailand

Different religions require different wedding officials. Thailand has a strong cultural inclination towards India, therefore, it is easy to find an official belonging to any religion be it Hindu, Muslim, Christian or even Buddhist. Even so, do not wait until the last minute but plan in advance to hire us as planners so we can make the arrangements for the ceremony and Thailand honeymoon so that everything runs smoothly on the big day! Simply give us a call!

Add Adventure & Excitement to your Festivities

Thailand is one country that gives you the best time during your stay. Planning a destination wedding in Thailand gives you multiple options to entertain your guests. You can choose from various adventurous activities such as scuba diving or even visit Thailand’s majestic temples for a good time. List out the things you wish to do and we can plan it accordingly to give you the best time of your life.

Let Us Take Care of the Legal Elements

Marriage laws differ in different countries. Some accept the ceremonies held under the presence of a religious official and some do not and demand proof. There is a possibility that you might have to get the official registration done later. Therefore, engage our services and enjoy Thailand wedding packages so we check on this beforehand to save yourself and your bride any trouble.

The Much-Awaited Wedding Feast

Food is probably the most important part of an Indian wedding. It is a topic that gets people talking at weddings! If the food is not good enough, all your planning would go in vain. We ensure that every wedding venue we present offers an exquisite and elaborate Indian menu with nifty wedding packages.

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